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The outside area is complete with various toys and equipment to keep our guests active inside their new spacious play area. Whether it's taking a dip in our shallow wading pool on the hot summer days or just running around to burn off that cooped up energy in the winter, the fun never stops for our guests
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Heavenly Days does it's best to stay organized with all of your Fur Angels belongings. We hold their food and other things in their own cubby so that way nothing gets mixed up with our other guests belongings. Special cabin cards with their picture and color of play group are also placed on the doors of the cabins explaining your dog's unique needs so we can make sure everything is met on time and with efficiency.
Heavenly Days accomadations do not  
resemble traditional kennels at all! We refer to our rooms as cozy cabins that are  complete with Kuranda beds. We welcome as much as you want to bring from home and encourage you to do so.
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