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Why Heavenly Days is Different from the rest


1.   There are many well meaning people who are starting Daycares and Boarding faculties that really do not understand dog behavior.We not only LOVE dogs but are educated in dog behavior. Annie is a CPDT-KA,  Animal Behavior Consultant, Therapy Dog tester/ observer, AKC Canine good citizen evaluator and AKC STAR puppy evaluator. From a behavior perspective it is important that the facility you choose is educated in how dogs communicate with each other,  know if the dog is stressed by what their body language is saying, and know how to best ease any anxieties or work through any behavior problems without force or punishment  which can cause more stress and harm to the dog.

2.  It is  VERY important in how to pair the right dogs together so that it creates a positive social experience for your dog. Not paring dogs right, can cause aggression and reactivity in the future.

3. Some Boarding/ Daycares let 10 to 20 dogs all run together.
For the safety of your dogs we have a maximum limit of 8 dogs per play group.We personally assess your dog to determine who they get to play with based on age, breed, temperament, play style, and past history, and then color code them into play groups. It is not required that your dog go out with others. Some of our guests can only be by themselves and thats ok. Our goal is to do what is best for each guest.


4. Each guest has their own  spacious cozy Cabin with bed no matter if they are boarding or here for Daycare. For our older guests we have special accommodations like lower beds, and floor pads.

5. The area that are guests stay is right next to our home so we are close by.  

Here are just a few reasons to choose Heavenly Days, but don't take our word for it come and check us out!










                                                    By Appointment Only

Please fill out the Boarding Questionnaire and fax records of  vaccination and negative fecal to 800-767-0064 When we receive your questionnaire some one will get in touch with you and set up a time to bring your fur angel to see the place, go over the questionnaire, and talk about any special needs that  your dog may have. We want your dogs to have a vacation of their own.We look forward to meeting you and your fur angel!

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