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         Boarding Questionnaire

After filling out your info dont forget to click on add dog and put info in for each dog you have and sign the boarding contract.


Please have your veterinarian fax over vaccination records to 1-800-767-0064
When we receive your application, and vaccination records we will contact you and make an 
appointment for you and your pup to come out to see the facilities, ( Please do not just show up as we may not have the time to assist you)

We will also evaluate for temperament, and discuss your dogs needs so they have the best stay possible.

For the health of all animals staying at our facility, we require that all animals be current on the required 
vaccinations and that we receive proof of this in the form of a vaccination record completed by their 
veterinarian or receipts from the veterinarian. We will accept faxed records from the veterinary office. It 
is the responsibility of the client to obtain and provide proof of Vaccination . We also recommend flea and 
tick prevention being applied to our guests before they come visit us. Despite how clean we keep our facility we can not guarantee the prevention of outside  parasites without your help.


IMPORTANT — The area veterinarians are suggesting that we require the new FLU VACCINE for added protection against the many strains of UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS . Please contact your veterinarian for an appointment for the added protection. 

Canine Rabies current    (1yr or 3yr vaccine is acceptable)

DHLPP 1-3 yr  (this is a combination of Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptosporosis, Para influenza and Parvo Virus)  

Bordetella 1 yr

Fecal Test (parasite) must be a negative result within the last 6 months

Canine Influenza (H3N2 and H3N8), 1 yr

Lepto (recommended not required), 1 yr

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